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Cold Stone Creamery - 22125

  • 45 Gosling Rd
  • Newington, New Hampshire 03801
  • 6033681000

Indulge in a Cold Stone Cake the Next Time You’re in New Hampshire The eyes of your party guests will light up with delight when you bring out a Cold Stone cake at your next special event. From graduation parties to anniversaries, our scrumptious ice cream dessert treats are loved all over the state of New Hampshire. Choose from any of these deliciously sweet dessert treats: Signature Cakes,Ice Cream Cupcakes Honor Your UNH Graduate with a Cold Stone Signature Cake Cold Stone signature cakes are a dessert treat that everybody loves. College graduates from the University of New Hampshire or Keene State love the amazing combination of our premium ice cream and moist cake. The sweet frosting or fudge ganache used to top the cake seal the deal. If you’re planning on a throwing a graduation party for your son or daughter, then you need to get a signature cake from Cold Stone to mark the occasion! Choose from any of these five signature cake options: Midnight Delight®,Cake Batter Confetti™,Cookies and Creamery™,Strawberry Passion™,Cookie Dough Delirium™ Who Doesn’t Love Ice Cream Cupcakes? Looking for the perfect late night snack? Make tonight the perfect night to celebrate with a Cold Stone ice cream cupcake. These sweet dessert treats pack ice cream, fudge, and cake inside a Belgian chocolate cup. They are then topped off with a sweet swirl of frosting to make them a true late night delight.